2018 Hello! 2017 Bu-bye!

Going into the New Year on a rough note. I have a blockage in my hot water supply pipes that I haven’t found yet. Believe it is the tankless water heater. Temps got to -4 last night and now no hot water. Cold line runs just fine. I just don’t feel like messing with plumbing on the first day of the year.

Midnight, Dec 31? Well they say what you do at midnight on New Year’s Eve will be what you will do most the new year. Guess what? I’ll be taking dogs out to do their business most of this year… some news…

I noticed I made a whopping six posts last year, but I did finish one story. Justice Continues was my silver lining.

So for this year I will just right every day. Something. Anything. Just every day is the requirement. Not work related, my paying job correspondence won’t count. Stories, blog posts (here), reviews (books or movies) and anything else I wish to expound upon. No politics, religion or social angst, just my thoughts and reminisces.

Last year I was diagnosed Type II Diabetic in April. Caught it after my toe became severely infected and my foot began to swell. Feet are fine, neuropathy not withstanding, hands too. It is painful to type, but I am too self conscious to dictate. Anyway, my brother and sister-in-law, turned me on to the whole foods, plant based eating thing. My children, sister and niece have been highly supportive as well all year. Over my lifetime I have given up smoking (2001), alcohol (2013) and now animal food products (2017). I miss it sometimes, but at 59 I am trying to eke out a life longer than either of my parents. I have found that many of my favorite foods can be replicated with plant based protein. I also eat more Asian and Mexican influenced dishes. I have discovered tofu, brussels sprouts, lentils and asparagus. Still eat fewer leafy greens than I should, but my numbers are nearing normal. For decades I have been pre-hypertensive in the blood pressure department, but now I average 115 over 72, normal…

So we shall see during my March update if I can get off my meds and just eat right.

Oh, so I have a dog pounding my arm as I type now. Tundra, my red/white husky girl of 11 years, wants out. Which means I will also have to take out Ice (her mom), Zoey (her sister) and three others that I have inside today. Loki and Czech have puppies aged five weeks and I am baby sitting the ex-wife’s puppy, Ky, this New Year weekend. She’s five months old, Ky, not the ex… Anyway, it’s like dominoes, when one wants out-they all do.

Watch this space for more thrilling adventures. Oh, what was that ancient TV show from 1969 starring William Windom and based on James Thurber’s writings and drawings? My World and Welcome to It! Yeah, what he said…


P.S. Just adding some words here so I can claim 500 plus words today in my writing. See ya!

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