Black Eye Kids B.E.K.’s

One of the stories I left hanging is called “Black Eyes,” for now anyway. All the YouTube videos and paranormal shows about BEKs intrigue me for some reason. What are these children of the night? (Sorry Bela.) The completely black eyes with no white sclera or iris colors. Their autonomic voices in monotone English expressing an urgent need to “come in” to your home or vehicle. The dread and fear they invoke as you are mesmerized, somehow, and about to do their bidding.

The BEKs have been classified in all these media as demons, multi-dimensional beings or even alien-human hybrids. They are a fairly recent phenomenon in the paranormal realm and yet stories abound.

The BEK scenario is a knocking on your door late at night. This incessant knocking wakes you up and you approach the front door of your home. Looking through the door’s peephole or window, you see a youngster, aged anywhere from 10 to 17. Usually there are two, with one hanging back a little behind the one at the door. Usually wearing hoodies or coats with hoods drawn over their heads so that you can’t see their faces right away.

Concerned bout kids being out this late, maybe with car trouble, you crack open the door a little without taking off the chain lock. You ask if they are all right or if they need help. Maybe you ask where their parents are. The response is a droning, “let us in.” Repeated several times as they start to look up at you. That’s when the chill crawls up your spine. Flight or fight response is kicking in as you notice the wholly black orbs they have for eyes.

Fearing for your life, you tell them, “I can’t help you, please go away.” Closing the door quickly, you throw the deadbolt, check the door knob lock and probably even switch off the porch light. Backing into your darkened hallway, your back against the wall, you wait for them to leave. You hear no sounds, and gradually our fright subsides enough that you chance another look. They’re gone.

We know this is what happens from the encounters of many people that have claimed to heard the “knock, knock” at their door. These people never let the BEKs in. What about those people that did let them in? Supposedly no one has spoken up that has let them in. So the thought is, if you  do let them in, you do not survive the encounter or you disappear to who knows where.

My story, “Black Eyes,” is written up through the first encounter with BEKs by my protagonist Rochefort “Roach” Scott. I am still not sure of where I am heading with this tale, but I am back at it.

Here’s where I’m at so far…

From a Current WIP, “Black Eyes”



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